filth|y «FIHL thee», adjective, filth|i|er, filth|i|est, adverb.
1. a) full of filth; disgustingly dirty; foul; unclean: »

an alley filthy with rotting garbage.

SYNONYM(S): squalid, nasty. See syn. under dirty. (Cf.dirty) b) (in a weakened sense) very dirty: »

a filthy dress. My hands are filthy from working in the garden.

2. Figurative. morally foul; vile; obscene: »

a filthy story.

SYNONYM(S): corrupt, indecent.
Informal. extremely; utterly: »

to be filthy rich.

filth´i|ly, adverb.
filth´i|ness, noun.

Useful english dictionary. 2012.

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